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About Logic Flatpack Assembly - Skills

IKEA's Cabinets are Different...

Cartoon Drawing of Happy Flatpack Assembler

...So are We!

From design through assembly & installation to finishing processes, IKEA's cabinetry requires a completely different skill set from handling the typical cabinets used for kitchens, closets and bathrooms, and other storage solutions in homes all across the United States.

We specialize in IKEA's European-styled cabinetry, embracing its unique qualities, and reveling in the (almost) infinite possibilities it offers to elevate your surroundings.

We've honed our techniques through thousands of hours focused on selecting, assembling, installing, and customizing IKEA's cabinets for our clients in homes throughout Austin and across the surrounding Hill Country.

Logic Flatpack Assembly - Experience

There are No Cookie Cutters in Our Tool Kit

We know that no two projects are ever the same,

nor should they be.

We’ve been honored to integrate IKEA’s cabinetry into environments ranging from a heritage 1836 farmhouse homestead

to newly constructed estate homes

and high-rise condominium retreats.

Semihandmade has chosen us as their Recommended Installer for central Texas, appreciating our dedication to personalizing your IKEA cabinets

with the finest craftsmanship in fit and finish.

Whether you’d like to enhance your IKEA cabinets with bespoke frontwork

from one of the many fine makers, or incorporate specialized products,

such as automated clothing rods, pull-out spice racks, or personalized inserts, we have the expertise to produce an individualized outcome

to suit your needs and your desires.

Logic Flatpack Assembly - Customer Service

Funky Name  -  Exceptional Service

Logic Flatpack Assembly Company Logo

We commit to one client at a time.

We don’t split our focus between multiple projects

or multiple job sites.

You’ll command our attention

from the beginning of your IKEA journey

until you’re satisfied with your cabinetry installation.

It warms our hearts each time our clients say:

“You’re not like other contractors”.

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